A call to Curators, Artists, Critics and Collectors


 Your Part In Art History

Curators, Artists, Critics and Collectors.  

  The preferred alternative for contemporary art projects.

We provide end-to-end turnkey solutions for curating high-quality art shows.


Offer Alternative Insights.

  • Share the human story of the artists in your project.
  • Have your audience follow decisions and ideas of behind-the-scenes activities.
  • Grant access to view works-in-progress in artists studios.
  • Maintain an online project diary from initial concept to exhibition completion.


Take the Alternative Path.

1. Get Invited!

Contact a curator

Suggest to your curator colleagues that they prepare their next exhibition project on AlternativeArt and invite you to participate.

2. So what´s your proposal?

Say what you're thinking of doing for this show

After you´ve accepted an invitation to participate, give a little informal background on what on what you´re planning to work on why it interests you and what outcome you expect to achieve.
Respond to comments of other artists and viewers to your plans for the show.

3. Show work-in-progress

Develop outside interest in your work

Use the opportunity of the time building-up to the show to work with the curator and capture the interest of buyers in your art. Talk about issues you´re having with the work and open a window onto the world of your life as an artist. Give the human story behind the artwork and document as it progresses from beginning to completion.

4. Exhibit finished work

You´ve merited the enthusiasm and buzz around your piece

They´ve followed you on your journey from the initial ideas through the difficulties of making the work right up to now it´s finally finished. Who buys it in the end will have the advantages of owning the artwork and also the artist´s story of how it came into being. Expect new commissions and a growing interest in your artistic output.


Have Alternative Opinions.

Write show reviews. Analyze, interpret and evaluate artists and artworks to enhance your reputation.


Buy & Sell Alternative Art.

Grow your collection and secure your artistic investment through online buying and selling works at AlternativeArt.


Alternative Art Exhibitions.

View completed exhibitions - the fruits of stewardship and creativity of our teams of dedicated curators and artists.

Other Features:
  • Interactive Interviews
  • Artists Café
  • Event photo & video galleries
About AlternativeArt

AlternativeArt is a curator-driven web application for the management and stewardship of contemporary art exhibitions.
AlternativeArt is currently under development and scheduled to go-live in early 2025.

For More Details

We would love to hear from curators with ideas for new functionality they want to find (and use) on AlternativeArt contact@alternativeart.org